Gas Line Repairs

Gas Line Repair in Savannah, GA
Did you know that natural gas is one of the most common forms of energy for residential customers? This affordable way of heating is relatively safe and efficient, but can pose hazards if you are not careful.

Natural gas creates a by-product known as carbon monoxide. This is very harmful when inhaled and most people do not know it is present because it is both colorless and odorless. Residents who have been exposed to carbon monoxide often exhibit flu-like symptoms, headaches and dizziness. It is important if you or someone in your home is experiencing these symptoms to get your home inspected, but most importantly, get out of your home and call the gas company to shut off gas to your home. Then, call us!

Our plumbing contractor can help!
At Dependable Plumbing in Savannah, GA, we offer quality gas line repairs or replacements. Depending on the damage to the line, it may need to be replaced especially if it is leaking, is scratched or bent. Other simple repairs that can help ensure there is not a gas leak includes cleaning out clogs or replace faulty fittings.

Gas leaks could be very dangerous, so it is nothing to mess around with. Contact us when you are in need of affordable repairs.

Natural gas has a rotten egg smell to warn us of leaks.
Do not smoke or spark any matches or light a gas stove if you suspect a leak.
Do not try to find the leak yourself or attempt a gal line repair.
Shut off gas valves.
If there is ice forming on the gas line there could be a leak.
If you hear hissing, this could be the gas leaking out of the line.